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Talent Hunters

Training and coaching

We offer training sessions in among others following fields:

  • Creation of one's own image, or rules of efficient self-presentation
  • Self-presentation 
  • Stress management
  • Active searching for a job
  • Assertiveness

Creation of one's own image, or the rules of efficient self-presentation

This training helps improve one's image at job interviews and at work. It enhances social skills much needed in any job where interpersonal contact is involved.

Stress management

Stress is our constant companion - at work, at home, during studies. This training session is directed to those who would like to better manage their stress levels every day. It teaches how to minimise its consequences and how to apply relaxation techniques. It may also help people with the so-called burnout syndrome.

Actively searching for a job

The training session is directed to people currently in search for a job. It aims at providing the participant with skills necessary in the job market and indicating all potential sources of information.


Whoever possesses this rare characteristic is able to manage perfectly both in private and professional life. What is assertiveness about? How to raise it? You may find that out during our training sessions.

All our training sessions are workshops adjusted to individual needs of their participants.

We also encourage you to take a look at the range of our coaching services.

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